Telelift in the European Patent Office

Telelift system at the European Patent Office in Munich during the Long Night of Munich Museums

Our logistics solutions have been installed in a large number of buildings worldwide since Telelift was founded in 1964 and have always ensured that processes run efficiently by transporting a wide variety of goods. The European Patent Office in Munich (EPO) has also been using a Telelift system since the 1980s. From the very beginning, document transport by means of the UniCar system was an important part of the planning of the building and the processes in the building.

This year, the EPO is celebrating 50 years of the European Patent Convention and opened its entire building to visitors for the first time on the occasion of the Long Night of Museums in Munich on October 14, 2023. In addition to the EPO's own art collection, the new "culture room" in the basement was also on display. It was built in the former document archive and offers insight into new, exciting concepts for using the historic premises of the European Patent Office. Visitors were able to get an idea of the huge number of documents and files that were processed and archived at the Office, and thus why a document transport system was an indispensable part of everyday work in the pre-digital era.
It was not until all files were consistently scanned and the patent process was switched to a paperless, digital process that the telelift could be dispensed with.

Telelift in the European Patent Office
Telelift exibit

The Telelift exhibit found its place in the History & Architecture section of the Culture Room and could be viewed on 14.10.2023, alongside many other impressive exhibits, at the European Patent Office at Bob-van-Benthem-Platz 1 in Munich.  The EPO's Culture Room will continue to open its doors to the public for specific exhibitions and guided tours.