Telelift - laboratory sample transport

Telelift presents optimization of laboratory sample transport in LABO

In issue 9/23 of the magazine LABO with focus on "Laboratory 4.0: Automation / Robotics", Telelift GmbH presents its intralogistics solution for the optimization of laboratory sample transport. Automation via rail-bound transport in specially equipped trolleys allows considerable rationalization effects to be realized in laboratory sample transport.

On the one hand, the already scarce personnel is not occupied with less demanding and redundant activities such as carrying, lifting and transporting. On the other hand, the transport concept ensures minimized space requirements on the floor due to the building-adapted routing mainly on the ceiling. 

In addition, the self-propelled trolleys are antimicrobial coated, which supports hygienic transport: The risk of cross-contamination is significantly reduced.

Different trolley types for different applications can travel on the same track, e.g. for handling bulk deliveries or preloading for time-delayed transports in sterilizable, shuttle-stored containers. 

Telelift UniCar

UniLabCar for automatic loading and unloading

Telelift UniLabCar8

UniLabCar8 for palletized sample transports

The UniLabCar was specially developed for the careful and efficient transport of palletized laboratory samples of all kinds. The trolley is suitable for almost all common containers and laboratory sample racks and has a payload of up to eight kilograms.

Its large, swiveling container with pendulum bearing suspension ensures that samples are always transported safely and held horizontally. This means that even sensitive samples can be transported safely and gently.

Read more in the e-paper issue of LABO 9. An interview with Christopher Kranz, Director Marketing & Solutions Management, gives you insights into further background information on Telelift's solution for laboratories.