Rijeka City Library

Telelift in the Rijeka City Library


The Rijeka City Library, also known as the "Gradska knjižnica Rijeka", is located in the heart of the Croatian port city of Rijeka. 


The city library sees itself as a cultural institution and offers its visitors access to digital resources in addition to traditional library services. It attaches great importance to accessibility to ensure that people with different needs can benefit equally from its services.


In 2023, the building was renovated and the library reopened there in December 2023. In this context, a Telelift system with 12 UniSortCars and 105 m of track length was also installed. It enables books to be sorted quickly and efficiently and transported to their destination fully automatically. This saves the library valuable resources, which can now be used to provide an improved service for visitors.


To make the planning and installation of the Telelift system even more efficient, the library building was measured using a 360° camera and a detailed 3D scan was created. This allowed all aspects of the building to be precisely recorded and the Telelift system to be adapted to the architecture quickly and in a space-saving manner. The installation of the system was completed in just six weeks.