About Telelift

Telelift - a company with a success story

Telelift The Company

The Company

Since 1964 Telelift GmbH has been a household name in machine and system construction since it was founded in 1964. Our in-house transport systems solve the challenges of transporting leight weight goods in very confined spaces across all industries.

Telelift History

The history

Telelift GmbH has a more than 55-year-long history of success to look back on. Erich Wesener founded Telelift GmbH in January 1964. The first order for a well-known swiss credit institute laid the foundation for success.

Telelift commitment to quality

The commitment to quality

We see the current and future basis of our success in the good quality of our products and services "Made in Germany", the reliable planning and execution of projects as well as the first-class customer service.

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