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Telelift GmbH can look back on a long tradition – over 55 years. We recognise that this brings with it great responsibility. The success of our company depends directly on our employees.
We strive to do everything in our power to shape our employees’ working conditions and working environment so that a pleasant working environment is possible. We strive for open and honest communication, to celebrate success together and to overcome challenges together. We strive to learn every day and to actively drive improvements.
We look forward to receiving your application!

Oliver Pühl

Working at Telelift
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Inbetriebnehmer (m/w/d)

Standort: München / Maisach

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Technischer Redakteur (m/w/d)

Technischer Redakteur (m/w/d)

Standort: München / Maisach

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Our application process

We look forward to receiving your application!
We examine and process applications promptly, and will contact you about yours as soon as possible.
Our selection process is based on your qualifications, taking into consideration the criteria that are relevant for us, including internal conditions.
We request that you please submit your application digitally. Even at this stage, we can assure you that your data will be handled carefully and confidentially.

Oliver Puehl - Director Human Resources

Telelift staff opinion

Electrical Design
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 "At Telelift, I can bring my knowledge and skills to the table and make it a great success, so it's good to know that my work is helping to make our clients' lifes easier."

Heiko Seckinger, Electrical Design

"I've been working at Telelift for 35 years now and I still enjoy it because of my varied activities and the great team that never makes my job boring."

Sabine Bergmayr, Office Center

Office Center
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Sales Libraries
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 "Telelift systems greatly simplify our customers' lifes, and it's fun to support and significantly influence the process from initial request to order."

Michael Hast, Director Library Solutions

  "At Telelift, engagement is rewarded, I started at Telelift as a software developer, now I'm responsible for the entire software development department as a department manager."

Ramakrishnam Raju Kucharlapati, Head of Controls & Software Engineering

Head of Software Engineering
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