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  • December 5, 2022 - December 9, 2022

    Russian Healthcare week 2022

    The Russian Health Care Week is the largest health care event in Russia, which brings together international trade shows, congresses, forums, conferences and other events. Telelift will be represented by the partner company GIVC-T.

    Location: Moscow, Russia

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  • October 26, 2022 - October 28, 2022

    International Kazakhstan Exhibition on Healthcare 2022

    Astana Zdorovie is one of the main platforms in Kazakhstan for demonstration of medical equipment, consumables, pharmaceutical products and medical supplies. Telelift will be represented by the partner company GIVC-T.

    Ort: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

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  • October 12, 2022 - October 14, 2022

    Korea Library Exhibition 2022

    The Korea Library exhibition is one of the most important events for libraries in Korea. Telelift Korea will present Telelift's integrated library solution.

    Location: ChangWon City, Korea

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  • October 4, 2022 - October 5, 2022

    Healthcare Estates 2022

    The Healthcare Estates exhibition is the UK’s Largest Event for Healthcare Estates, Engineers & FM
    Professionals. Telelift will be represented by the partner company Quirepace.

    Location: Manchester, UK

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  • May 31, 2022 - June 2, 2022

    German Librarians Day 2022

    The German Librarians Day is the largest national event for everyone working in the library and information system in German-speaking countries. This is where the industry meets to discuss, learn and make new contacts.

    Location: Leipzig, Germany

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  • med.Logistica catches the spirit of the time

    Telelift was present at the med.Logistica 2022 in Leipzig

  • May 21, 2022 - May 23, 2022

    CHCC 2022 and China International Medical Equipment Fair

    The 23rd China Hospital Construction Conference is one of the most important Healthcare exhibitions in China. The China International Medical Equipment Fair will also take place at the same time. 

    Location: Wuhan, China

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  • New Telelift Library Brochure

    Telelift has a new library brochure! Read how innovative library technology helps libraries focus on their valuable cultural and educational mission and serve the growing demands in the context of digital transformation.

  • May 11, 2022 - May 12, 2022

    Med.Logistica 2022

    med.Logistica is Germany's leading event for hospital management. The exhibition focuses on process optimization in hospitals. Telelift presents it's logistics total solution healthcare for hospitals and laboratories.

    Location: Leipzig, Germany

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  • Telelift at the German Librarians' Day 2022

    Telelift is happy to be represented at the German Librarians' Day

  • Telelift in the Great Mosque Algiers, Algeria

    A Telelift system has been delivered to the library of the Great Mosque in Algiers

  • Telelift Korea moves into new business premises

    Telelift Korea Co., Ltd. has moved into new offices to make room for new employees and demo systems.

  • Work at Telelift - Become part of the team!

     Werden auch Sie Teil unseres Teams!

  • Telelift in the industry - Interview with Hartmut Tröger

    In an interview, Hartmut Tröger, Director Sales & Service, explains why Telelift's industrial solution is so well received by customers.

  • Telelift at the Forum-JiangSu Annual Meeting

    At the Forum-JiangSu Provincial Hospital Architecture and Planning Management Professional Committee Annual Meeting,Telelift presented the total solution for hospital logistics.

  • Telelift in the university library of the TU Chemnitz

    In an interview Angela Malz, Director of the University Chemnitz talks about her experiences in the library and how a Telelift system supports her work.

  • Telelift in 175 Military Hospital, Hoh Chi Minh City

    In order to optimize the logistics processes in the hospital, the hospital decided to install a Telelift UniCar system.

  • Telelift at Shenzhen Campus Library

    In einem Interview gibt Karl Pühringer, CEO von Telelift, Einblicke in die Geschichte von Telelift und seine Aktivitäten im Gesundheitswesen.

  • Telelift for vaccination

    Telelift supports the vaccination campaign #ZusammengegenCorona

  • Telelift in Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok

    After years of successful operation the modernization of the Telelift system started in several phases.

  • Telelift goes AutoStore

    Telelift offers the high-performance and extremely space-saving storage system AutoStore

  • Telelift at CHCC in Shenzhen, China

    At CHCC show in Shenzhen, China Telelift presented its Total solution Healthcare and aroused great interest among the visitors.

  • Telelift in the University and State Library Darmstadt

    After 10 years of successful use, the system will be expanded with two book return machines and a sorting system.

  • Telelift Distributors Meeting 2021

    The annual Telelift Distributor Meeting took place from September 21-22, 2021.

  • Integrated library logistics in the Shanghai Library East

    A new central library is currently being built in Shanghai, China. An integrated library solution from Telelift in cooperation with bibliotheca is used in the Shanghai Library East so that the transport logistics of the books work optimally.

  • Telelift 10.1” Touchscreen terminal

    The 10,1“ terminal is a state of the art touch operator panel providing real time transports and system information in addition to the segment controller functionality.

  • Telelift in the German National library Leipzig

    Seit 2010 ist in der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig eine automatisierte Buchtransportanlage in Betrieb. Im Jahr 2019 wurde die Anlage nochmals erweitert.

  • Telelift in the Navavej International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

    In order to optimize the logistics processes, the Navavej International Hospital decided to install a Telelift UniCar system.

  • New Telelift Industry brochure

    Read how Telelift’s overhead, track-based conveying systems are the ultimate aid for modern production sites and modular production structures. 

  • Telelift in the production of solar components at SolarEdge

    As part of the new production facility a Telelift MultiCar System has been installed

  • New Chassis for UniCar trolleys

    Telelift has developed a new chassis for the UniCar trolleys. After thorough tests, the series release was granted.

  • Successful Telelift events in China

    Die Telelift Logistic Technology Co., Ltd. aus Shanghai, China hat kürzlich erfolgreich an zwei Veranstaltungen teilgenommen

  • Safe and hygienic transport with Telelift

    In an interview, Winfried Oberstadt, Senior Account Manager, gives insights into how Telelift solutions ensure hygienic transport.

  • Telelift in YongIn DongBaek Severance Hospital, Korea

    By installing a Telelift UniCar system transport times are significantly shortened and thus medical care for patients is improved.

  • Telelift in the CVUA Sigmaringen, Germany

    In order to optimize transportation of laboratory samples , a MultiCar conveying system was installed for transportation of food samples from goods receipt area to various laboratories within the building.

  • Telelift MultiCar for hospitals and laboratories

    With the Telelift MultiCar, sterile goods, medicines, blood reserves and laboratory samples are transported safe and reliably to their destination without repacking the samples in other containers.

  • Telelift in Charité Berlin, Germany

    With the expansion of telemedicine in the clinic for anesthesiology with a focus on operative intensive care medicine at the Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum, the Telelift system is being expanded.

  • Telelift in the German National library Frankfurt a.M., Germany

    1997 Telelift installed a book transport system for book sorting and automated transport of media in Frankfurt. After 22 years of operation, the system has been modernized.

  • Telelift systems are equipped for the disabled

    In order to support both library users and library employees with disabilities, the integrated library solution from Telelift in cooperation with bibliotheca was designed to be barrier-free.

  • Telelift Korea Co., Ltd established

    With the establishment of Telelift Korea Co., Ltd. in July 2020 Telelift will have a strong partner.

  • Telelift in the National Library in Cracow

    After many years of successful operation of the Telelift system in the Jagiellonska lirary an upgrade was started in the year 2020.

  • Telelift in the state library Berlin

    During the renovation of the state library "Unter den Linden" in Berlin a book transport system has been installed.

  • Safe and hygienic transport of laboratory goods in VMIC

    In the new building of the Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC) a Telelift UniCar system is used.

  • Telelift in the Busan Metropolitan Library

    In the new building of the Busan Metropolitan Library, an integrated library solution with book return, sorting and transport was implemented.

  • Telelift book transport in the University Library in Leiden

    The Leiden University Library was founded in 1587 and is considered to be the most outstanding library in the Netherlands. A modern Telelift UniCar system was installed there in 2020.

  • Telelift Service – Quality that’s tangible

    In an interview, Rainer Kerner, Head of Customer Service, talks about the service strategy at Telelift.

  • Telelift Solutions for libraries

    In an interview, Hartmut Tröger, Director Sales & Service, provides information about the development of Telelift in the Library market.

  • Antimicrobial coating

    The silver ion coating of the UniCar system can prevent the growth and spread of most bacteria and germs and thus ensures a significant contribution to hygiene in the hospital. At Telelift we have been using this technology for a number of years

  • Telelift Service – Quality that’s tangible

    Telelift has a new service brochure - take a look!

  • Telelift Logistics for laboratories

    Telelift systems for laboratories make it possible to optimise logistics processes, to reduce the strain on the staff and to enhance quality by ensuring that the samples arrive absolutely unharmed.

  • Telelift - a company with a success story

    In an interview, Oliver Pühl, Director Human Resources & Administration, gives an insight into the world of Telelift as an employer.

  • Guangzhou International Hospital Conference

    The Guangzhou International Hospital Construction and Equipment Conference and Exhibition took place in Guangzhou from August 21-23. Telelift China was represented as an exhibitor.

  • Telelift in the National Library of Indonesia

    With 24 floors the National Library of Jakarta is the tallest library building in the world. Telelift installed an integrated library solution with book return, -sorting and -transport.

  • Telelift – a FIRST MOVER for intralogistics solutions

    In an interview, Telelift CEO Karl Pühringer shares insights to the history of Telelift and its activities within the healthcare segment.

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification extended

    From April 27-29, 2020, at Telelift a Repeat audit for extending our ISO 9001:2015 certification took place.
    We are very happy that we passed the audit successfully.

  • Major Milestone Total Solution Healthcare

    With the introduction of the new Telelift UniVan, another milestone in the implementation and completion of our total solution Healthcare strategy in China is reached.

  • Telelift at the Federal Foreign Office

    At the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, a telelift system is used for years to safely transport files as well as
    internal and external mail from the central file station to their destination.
    For this purpose, approx. 6 km of rails were laid in the building.

  • Telelift at NAIS exhibition in Moscow

    From February 5 to 6, 2020, NAIS exhibitoin took place in Moscow - with the Telelift partner GIVC-T.

  • Telelift Distributors Meeting

    From 23rd to 26th of September 2019 our annual Distributor Meeting took place at Telelift GmbH in Maisach / Germany.  We were very pleased to welcome a great number of participants from over 16 countries.

  • Telelift libraries solution in the press

    The BuB (Germanys largest library magazine) published in its issue 05/2019 a big report about the TU Chemnitz which also mentioned Telelift and bibliotheca with the common innovative library solution.

  • Telelift at CHCC in Chengdu, China

    At CHCC show in Chengdu, China Telelift presented its Total solution Healthcare and aroused great interest among the visitors.

  • Telelift MultiCar in the press

    The Telelift MultiCar in the British press: Automation Update reported on Telelift in its issue 01/19.

  • Grand opening of Telelift Academy

    On September 25th, 2018 on the occasion of our Distributors Meeting 2018 we inaugurated the new Telelift Academy.