AutoStore for libraries

Telelift goes AutoStore


As a leading solution provider for library logistics, Telelift offers the high-performance and extremely space-saving storage system AutoStore. With this system all kinds of media can be gently and automatically stored and retrieved.

The extension of Telelift's integrated library solution involving storage technology is the consistent continuation of the approach of supporting libraries in all intralogistics matters.


The storage system enables to expand the storage capacity of libraries up to four times - without requiring additional space. The integration with library management systems is possible without any problems using standard interfaces. Thanks to user-friendly and ergonomic workstations, both, media ordered in the online catalogue and spontaneous orders can be carried out within a few minutes with little personnel input.

The AutoStore system fulfills almost every requirement with a storage capacity of 100,000 to several million media. Thanks to the modular structure, storage capacity and performance can be flexibly adjusted at any time.


Thus, libraries can also use all the advantages of AutoStore storage technology, which has already proven itself in various industrial segments.