State library Berlin

Telelift in the state library "Unter den Linden", Berlin


The state library "Unter den Linden" in Berlin is one of the most famous library buildings of the world. The library was built in the years 1903–1914. Until 1945 it was home to the Prussian State Library and the University Library as well as the Prussian Academy of Sciences.


From 2005 to 2020 the state library "Unter den Linden" was extensively renovated and supplemented with new buildings and a news general reading room. The building was equipped with new IT systems, a book transport system and air conditioning for magazines. This makes the library a place for information and communication. The book transport system was implemented as part of a consortium under the direction of Telelift.


The system transports the books from a total of 80 sending and receiving stations, mainly located in the magazine areas, to four reading rooms. 540 transport containers are in use here. With a web-based visualization, the employees can always monitor the transports. By using the transport solution, the staff is relieved of strenuous and time-consuming transport tasks and can concentrate better on library tasks.

The library was reopened in a digital ceremony on January 25, 2021.