CHCC 2021

Telelift at CHCC in Shenzhen, China

The 22nd CHCC (China Hospital Construction Conference Hospital Build & Infrastructure China Exhibition & Congress) was held in Shenzhen on October 14 - 16, 2021.

The conference addressed the complex needs of modern hospital construction and development from six dimensions: strategy, management, infrastructure, intelligent operation, innovative service and application practice at a global perspective.

The scale of the conference is unprecedented. The exhibition held five conferences at the same period, with a total area of 120,000 square meters and more than 800 exhibitors of 20 theme areas and five multiple integration fields.

Telelift demonstrated the intelligent logistics Total Solution which is the optimization and integration of four systems:

  • Telelift UniCar (Electric Track vehicle, ETV)
  • Telelift UniDrop (Auto Waste/Linen Collection System, AWLS),
  • Telelift UniVan (Auto Guided Vehicle, AGV) and
  • Telelift UniTube (Rohrpost oder Pneumatic Tube System, PTS).

The Total Solution met with great interest among visitors.

In addition, Telelift was invited to attend two forums. Song Tao, Head of Product Management and Fu Hao, Marketing Director Telelift China gave wonderful speeches, sharing the advanced innovation technology and intelligent equipment of Telelift.

UniCar auf CHCC

Telelift at CHCC 2021

Song Tao, Head of Product Management

Song Tao, Head of Product Management, Telelift China

CHCC Telelift Team

Team of Telelift China

Fu Hao, Marketing Director, Telelift China

Fu Hao, Marketing Director, Telelift China