Developing Libraries into Third Places

Developing Libraries into Third Places – Effectively addressing challenges in space requirements and staffing


In order for libraries to present and establish themselves as vibrant places of interaction, exchange, and engagement in community life, it is necessary to create both physical and staffing prerequisites.


In addition to extended operating hours beyond traditional working times, appealing offerings for events and attractive publicly accessible spaces for gatherings are necessary. Installing a high-quality coffee machine, providing access to internet terminals, and creating an inviting interior are not sufficient for transforming a library into a Third Place.


Many decision-makers currently perceive the resource situation as particularly challenging on the path to establishing a Third Place. This may include issues such as space shortages and lack of possibilities for expanding existing buildings, insufficient financial resources to extend operating hours, or simply a shortage of personnel.


In its whitepaper, Telelift GmbH presents possibilities for addressing these challenges through automation in the media check-out and return process, pre-sorting of media, and automated transport within the building or between different building sections. The offering is rounded out by an automated storage solution, which enables automatic and space-optimized storage and retrieval of media.


Telelift's intralogistics concept for libraries offers user-friendly book return services around the clock. Storage space requirements can be optimized up to four times compared to traditional shelving archives. By connecting the archive with the media transport system, books and other media can be quickly and easily delivered directly to users in the reading room or at the circulation desk.


With over 1,500 installations worldwide and more than 50 years of experience, Telelift is your reliable specialized partner for intralogistics and automation in libraries. For more detailed information, please refer to the whitepaper titled "How intelligent Library Logistics support the establishment of a Third Space and create space," available for download here.