YongIn DongBaek Severance Hospital, Korea

Telelift in YongIn DongBaek Severance Hospital, Korea

YongIn Severance Hospital is one of four hospitals in Yonsei University and has 755 beds. Every year, four million outpatients and 1.12 million inpatients are treated there.


The facility pursues the goal of digital innovation, security and empathy. The YongIn Severance Hospital would like to become the central hospital in Asia.
In order to give patients the best possible treatment, the hospital does not only pursue a multidisciplinary approach to treatment under which different clinical departments work together; it also has a modern emergency forecast system based on artificial intelligence.


To ensure that the logistics also function smoothly, a Telelift UniCar system was installed in the hospital. It connects all operational hospital departments with each other. The system significantly shortens transport times and thus improves medical care for patients.