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Telelift at the Forum-JiangSu Provincial Hospital Architecture and Planning Management Professional Committee Annual Meeting

The JiangSu Provincial hospital architecture and planning management professional committee annual meeting was held on Jan. 6th to 7th 2022,in Nanjing, JiangSu Provincial. 134 hospital officials from Jiangsu province participated in the meeting.

Telelift's products and services have spread to more than 230 large and medium-sized hospitals in China. 40 of them in JiangSu province. So hospitals in Jiangsu have taken the first place in the exploration of intelligent logistics technology in China.

The Head of Product Division, Mr. Song Tao gave a lecture about “Telelift intelligent logistics system total solution case sharing” to share our experience in providing advanced innovation technology and intelligent equipment for large hospitals.

Presentation by Telelift China

Presentation by Telelift China

Speech of Song Tao

Speech of Song Tao, Head of Product Management