Safe and hygienic transport of laboratory goods in VMIC, UK

The Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC) was established as part of the UK's national scientific infrastructure. It offers the country's first strategic vaccine development and manufacturing capability.
The VMIC is the largest and most modern vaccine research and production facility in the UK.

The centre plans to transform the way vaccines are made through intelligent processes, world-leading engineering and skilled employees.
The collaboration with industry, research and science is intended to accelerate the development of new and innovative vaccines from discovery to licensed product and thus make a significant contribution to containing the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time, the VMIC aims to improve the UK's ability to respond to other emerging infectious diseases in the manufacture of vaccines.

In the new building of the centre, a Telelift UniCar system with a length of 215 m is used. It will  transport samples between the production areas and laboratories. Six trolleys are loaded and unloaded manually at a total of five stations on two floors.

Safe and hygienic transport of laboratory goods in VMIC

The Telelift UniCar transport system in the new VMIC will be put into operation in 2021 and then takes over important transport tasks.