Safe and hygienic transport with Telelift

Safe and hygienic transport with Telelift

At Telelift, we see the requirements of our customers as a guide for our developments. In this way, we ensure that we can always offer logistics solutions that are ideally adapted to the processes. The Telelift UniCar system e.g. is ideally designed for the use in hygienically demanding hospital sector. It can cover the hygienic transport of more than 80% of small and medium-sized medical items.

In an interview, Winfried Oberstadt, Senior Account Manager, gives insights into how Telelift solutions ensure hygienic transport.


Mr. Oberstadt, you have been with Telelift GmbH for many years and have been following the development of the products for a long time. What makes the Telelift systems so special?

Telelift is known for automatic transport solutions in several market segments. The largest area of applications for Telelift is the automation of hospital transportation, followed by the automation of libraries. We are very successful in these areas thanks to the targeted and ongoing development of our solutions.

The UniCar solution, a light-weight transport system, up to 15kg payload, has been continuously developed. The system will e.g. soon be equipped with new chassis that are more powerful and easier to maintain. More than 600 UniCar transport systems are operating in the hospital sector.

Telelift systems are optimally designed for the transport of laboratory and pathology samples, blood, infusions, medication, sterile goods, patient files and more. A Telelift station is located in hospitals wherever goods up to 15kg have to be sent or received gently, quickly and hygienically.

Telelift logistics connects operating theaters, laboratories, pharmacy, intensive care units, warehouse, infusion production and archive with each other and with all patient wards. For example, patient samples are transported safely, efficiently and in short time without exposing the samples to high accelerations or other negative effects of the transport.

Do Telelift systems also improve hygiene during transport?

Germs, viruses and bacteria have a negative impact to patients and hospital employees. We recognized that automation of transports plus adding of disinfecting measures help to increase hospital hygiene.

Telelift has integrated automated disinfection machines into many transport systems for decades. These devices disinfect the inner and outer surface of Telelift transport containers on long-term.


How does Telelift prevent the spread of bacteria?

Telelift trolleys and terminals for hospitals are equipped with anti-microbial coating. This coating prevents the growth of bacteria and germs successfully. A quantitative analysis of the very good antibacterial effect has been confirmed by a reputable and indipendent institute in Germany.
This shows the contribution of Telelift transport systems for hospital hygiene.

The transported goods pass no longer through "many hands", but remain contactless between sender and recipient instead. Therefore the laboratory's test results are more accurate.

Winfried Oberstadt

Winfried Oberstadt, Senior Account Manager, Telelift GmbH

That sounds perfect! Are there any other plans at Telelift to improve hygiene during transports in the future?

Telelift sets great importance to continuous and sustainable product improvement. Only in this way customer requirements can be met in the long term. We are currently working on a next generation of UV-C disinfection for transport containers. This additional disinfection tool increases the hygiene during transport. With this feature, Telelift contributes even more to the elimination of viruses and bacteria in hospital