Telelift systems are equipped for disabled people

Access without difficulty - Telelift systems are equipped for the disabled

Visiting the library can be challenging for people with disabilities. Many buildings can only be reached by stairs and shelves are often too high, so that people in wheelchairs have difficulty accessing books without assistance. Even people with a visual or hearing impairment can have difficulty finding their way around and need outside help to borrow and return the book they want.


In order to support both library users and library employees with disabilities, the integrated library solution from Telelift in cooperation with bibliotheca was designed to be barrier-free.


The operation of a Telelift book transport systems is barrier-free due to its low operating height when loading and unloading it or when using the operator terminal (DDA compliant). Depending on the customer's request, the book return machines from bibliotheca can be attached at the appropriate height and thus enable problem-free book return, without outside help. The design of the complete return portal ensures that all touch points of the users, e.g. card reader, receipt printer or the return slot itself, are always below the 120 cm limit.
At the same time, the return machines from our cooperation partner bibliotheca have a language assistant to optimally support people with visual impairments.


We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to barrier-free libraries with the integrated library solution from Telelift and bibliotheca and thus to make it easier for people with disabilities to use and to operate libraries.