Jagiellonska Library Cracow

Telelift in the National Library in Cracow - successful for decades

The Jagiellonska Library (Biblioteka Jagiellońska) in Cracow forms a joint library network with numerous specialist libraries and the faculty libraries. The Jagiellonska Library is the most important library of the Jagiellonska University in Cracow. In 1969, it was the only institution in Poland to receive the status of a national library alongside the Biblioteka Narodowa in Warsaw. The library's holdings include around 6,500,000 media that are managed by 300 employees.

The Jagiellonska Library has ten reading rooms. Since the year 2000, requested media have been brought fast and reliable from the numerous magazines to the reading rooms and the book lending desk by a Telelift system with 20 stations and 40 trolleys.
After many years of successful operation of the system, an upgrade was started. The book transport system will be modernized to the latest computer-controlled electronics. In 2020 the trolleys have been replaced by Telelift UniSafeCars. In 2021, the next step of software modernization starts.

After complete modernization, the Jagiellonska Library will be operated with a state-of-the-art library logistics system and will again be well equipped for many years.