German National library Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Telelift in the German National library Frankfurt a.M., Germany

The German National Library with its locations in Leipzig (formerly "Deutsche Bücherei") and Frankfurt a.M. (formerly "German Library") is the central archive library and the national bibliographic center of the Federal Republic of Germany. The function of the National Library, in Leipzig since 1913 and since 1946 in Frankfurt a.M., is a full collection, development and bibliographical record of the German-language literature and music.


With German unity in 1990, the two libraries in Leipzig and Frankfurt were merged. On 47,000 square meters of main floor space and 30,000 square meters of storage space for a storage capacity of approx. 45 million books, magazines, CD, sheet music and records, the significance of the German National Library in Frankfurt a. M. is recognizable.


1997 Telelift installed a book transport system for book sorting and automated transport of media in Frankfurt. The system is a combination of a modern rail system and a classic belt conveyor system. After 22 years of operation, the library decided to modernize the control components of the system. Thus, a control of the latest design was integrated into the system.
With the modernization work, the plant can run again successfully for many years.