Shanghai First People’s Hospital

Telelift at Shanghai First People’s Hospital, China

Shanghai First People's Hospital

Founded in 1864, Shanghai First People's Hospital is one of the first comprehensive hospitals in China. The hospital consists of a northern and southern hospital area with a total area of 295,000 square meters and 1,820 beds.


With the opening of the southern area, the number of patients visiting the hospital has increased greatly. To improve the efficiency of material transfer within the hospital, increase capacity and reduce the workload of medical staff, the hospital implemented an intelligent rail-based logistics system from Telelift.

Taking into account the architectural features and transportation requirements of Shanghai First People's Hospital, Telelift developed a solution that optimally connects the different departments in the old and new buildings, allowing them to interact with each other quickly and efficiently.


The system consists of 92 stations and mainly transports medicines, blood and other samples, small instrument sets, and examination reports. In this way, the Telelift system makes a major contribution to saving operating costs and optimizing workflows.

Shanghai First People's Hospital