Telelift Total Solution Healthcare

New brochure Total Solution Healthcare from Telelift

The Telelift Total Solution Healthcare is a total logistics solution that can transport more than 95% of all hospital items. It comprises various transport systems that safely transport different goods such as laboratory samples, blood and plasma bags, but also laundry and meals: 


  1. The Telelift UniCar is a rail-bound transport system (ETV) that is particularly suitable for transporting samples and smaller medical goods. Its antimicrobial surface coating and optional UV-C disinfection provide a plus in hygiene.
  2. The Telelift UniTube system is a classic pneumatic tube system (PTS) that is specially recommended for emergency transportation and the spontaneous transfer of small quantities of items between departments. It is a good complement to the Telelift UniCar.
  3. The Telelift UniDrop system is an automatic waste and laundry system (AWLS) that enables centralized collection of waste and laundry throughout the hospital using an automatic vacuum system. This method improves the hospital's infection control level as waste and linen collection is centralized and virtually contamination-free.
  4. The Telelift UniVan mini is an autonomous mobile robotic transport system (AMR). It can easily adapt to complex environmental changes and enables efficient, versatile and intelligent automated transportation. It thus successfully closes the gaps in the automation of logistics processes in the field of hospital logistics management.
  5. The Telelift UniVan is an automated guided vehicle (AGV). It transports large goods such as laundry weighing up to 380 kg. 


There is a suitable Telelift transport system for every transport task in hospitals and laboratories. 


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