UniCar with automatic sorting function

UniSortCar - Modern technology for efficient media sorting

The UniSortCar has been specially developed for use in libraries. It provides ongoing simplification of book sorting, as books can be pre-sorted and transported to all storeys and all sections of the library. The UniSortCar also makes pre-sorting for different library sites easily possible.
From any desired starting point, the media slide from the sorting belt and into the trolley. Thanks to an elastic coating, gentle transport of individual media is guaranteed. An electronic locking system prevents the trolley contents being removed from the conveyor before they have reached their intended destination.


The UniSortCar can be unloaded in both directions, making greater route variation possible. At the destination, and depending on needs, up to twelve individual unloading points can be controlled. The UniSortCar only needs a few seconds on the sorting belt in order to accept the book and send it straight on its way. Multiple trolleys are automatically activated at busy times.
For libraries, use of the UniSortCar means quicker provision of media. Even 24/7 operation is possible, without the need for additional personnel resources.

Media transport over floors and buildings - effortless and efficient