UniVan mini

Autonomous Mobile Robot Transport System (AMR) - UniVan mini

The autonomous mobile robot transport system (AMR) from Telelift - The elite of in-house logistics

The Telelift UniVan mini logistics system is an intelligent and flexible regional automated logistics system. It adapts to complex environmental changes. Its autonomous navigation enables efficient, versatile and intelligent automated transportation. It effectively solves the problem of traditional human transportation of the last 50 meters and fills the gaps in logistics automation in specific areas of hospital logistics management.

Possible transport goods



UniVan mini - Cabinet type

UniVan mini cabinet

Large capacity and high payload, for material transport in public areas.

UniVan mini - Shelf type

Multi-layer shelving, classified placement, specially designed for material transportation within the department.


UniVan mini shelf

UniVan mini - Lifting type

UniVan mini Lift

Automatic loading and unloading of containers is used for the daily transportation of consumables.

Advantages of the UniVan mini


For sensitive or valuable goods that need to be precisely distributed and tracked, the UniVan mini can perform operator identification, transfer route tracking and multiple access verification. This enables secure and reliable management.



UniVan mini robots can realize automatic navigation, perform autonomous management and automatic tasks. Through the intelligent monitoring system, the entire operation is monitored in the background for the working status of components, access control, elevators, fire protection and servers in real time. The data set can be exported and analyzed.

Versatile use

Various product application modes can be selected, e.g. closed, open and lockable. Payloads from 150 kg to 300 kg can be transported without any problems. Various tasks are performed in different scenarios and enable the multi-purpose use of robots.



The UniVan mini robot requires very little space and can drive flexibly around obstacles and into narrow aisles in a complex environment. It can be used for both new and existing buildings.