Telelift AGV System UniVan

Telelift UniVan - The automatic-guided transport system for hospitals

The Telelift UniVan is a classic Mobile Robot, i.e. a transport system with automatic-guided vehicles (AGV) that can move around in buildings without the help of an operator. The path specifications are preset and the map is saved automatically.
The navigation is done by laser scanning and does not require installation of devices on the floor, on the walls or on the ceiling. This allows maximum freedom when changing the paths.
In addition, the system is extremely user-friendly and handles all processes autonomously.

The UniVan takes over the efficient transport logistics for:

  • Meals
  • Laundry
  • Waste and Refuse
  • Sterilizarion
  • Pharmacy
  • Warehouse

 The Telelift UniVan guarantees the safe and efficient transport of all materials. The vehicles can be traced at any time.

Possible transport goods



Telelift UniVan


  • Automatic navigation
    The automatic navigation is based on a comparison between the information from the on-board sensors and the room measurement, which is implemented with a laser scanner, without the help of markings along the route. Detailed maps with reference points for orientation and a predefined route are loaded on the on-board computer.
  • Automatic completion of tasks
    The Telelift UniVan is able to carry out all transport tasks using laser navigation. Floor or wall installations are not necessary. If an obstacle appears along the route, the AGV is able to autonomously check an alternative route and bypass the obstacle.
    A task can also be transferred to a vehicle that is already running.
  • High safety
    Telelift Mobile Robot UniVan is equipped with safety laser scanners that ensure an all-round scan of 360 °. This is irrespective of whether the vehicle is loaded or not. This ensures a high level of safety to avoid collisions.
  • Maximum payload
    UniVan can transport loads with a maximum gross weight of more than 380 kg.

Telelift UniVan

  • Dimensions: 1.350 x 620 x 355 mm
  • Standard hook system: Automatic – lift up to 100 mm
  • Maximum payload: > 380 kg
  • Kinematics: Equilateral, 4 wheels fully bidirectional
Telelift UniVan (AGV)