Telelift Logistics for laboratories

Optimising logistics processes in laboratory buildings - safely, quickly and reliably


In laboratory logistics, it’s essential to get the samples safely and quickly to their destination for analysis. At the same time, high hygiene standards must be met, and the transports must have as little impact on the samples as humanly possible to eliminate the risk of falsified results.

Telelift systems for laboratories make it possible to optimise logistics processes, to reduce the strain on the staff and to enhance quality by ensuring that the samples arrive absolutely unharmed. At the same time, automated transport reduces the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum.

Telelift Logistics for laboratories

Safe and minimum-impact transport with the UniCar

Depending on the goods to be transported, the samples can be carried in the UniCar either individually or as a consolidated shipment. Prepacked laboratory samples can also be carried without difficulty.
Because the container is suspended via a pendulum bearing, the contents never move when the vehicle changes from vertical to horizontal or overhead transport. Instead, they are always kept horizontally aligned. This permits the safe and minimum-impact transportation of sensitive samples.

The electronically monitored transport containers guarantee hygienic, secure transport from the pickup point to the destination, with complete transport documentation. The TeleControl transport job management system
ensures that the transport jobs are processed quickly via the shortest possible route, thereby minimising handling
times in the laboratory.

Maximum flexibility with only one system

You too can benefit from the use of an automated transport solution from Telelift. The transport solution guarantees the safety and integrity of the laboratory samples during the entire transportation process.
Shorter waiting times and increased efficiency in sample transportation will ensure the best possible performance of your laboratory at all times.

The Telelift system also offers maximum flexibility when it comes to the various possible ways of transporting the
samples. In our transport container with its swivel-mounted transport compartment, samples boxes for reagents can be transported just as easily as transport, stacking and thermally insulated boxes.

All standard containers and laboratory sample carriers will also fit without difficulty into the vehicle.

Telelift in laboratories

Benefits of the Telelift system

  • Safe, hygienic and minimum-impact transport of all laboratory goods and samples
  • Optimised turnaround times
  • Seamless monitoring
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination