Telelift Logistics for laboratories

Optimising Laboratory sample transports - safely, quickly and reliably


In laboratory logistics, it is important that samples arrive reliably and quickly at their destination for analysis. At the same time, high hygiene standards apply and transports must be carried out gently so as not to contaminate the laboratory results.

Telelift systems for laboratories make it possible to optimise logistics processes, to reduce the strain on the staff and to enhance quality by ensuring that the samples arrive absolutely unharmed. At the same time, automated transport reduces the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum.

Telelift Logistics for laboratories
Telelift Logistics for laboratories

Safe and gentle transport with the Telelift UniCar

The Telelift UniCar System is a rail-bound transport system with three-dimensional routing and selfpropelled transport trolleys that ensure automated, gentle and safe transport of laboratory samples. Even across several floors or parts of buildings.

Thanks to a swivel-mounted suspension of the container, the transported material is not moved when the trolley changes from vertical to horizontal or overhead transport, but always remains aligned in a balanced position. This means that even sensitive samples can be transported safely and gently.

The electronically monitored transport containers ensure hygienic and safe transport from the delivery point to the transport destination with complete transport documentation. TeleControl transport order management ensures fast processing of transport tasks by the shortest possible route, thus minimizing turnaround times in the laboratory.

Maximum flexibility with only one system

The Telelift system offers maximum flexibility when it comes to how the specimens can be transported.
In our trolley with swiveling transport insert, laboratory samples can be transported both individually and as a bulk transport - packed, loose or in racks.
Loading with pre-commissioned laboratory samples is also possible without any problem. Thereby almost all common containers and laboratory sample carriers fit easily into the trolley.

The integrity of the laboratory samples is ensured during the entire transport. The gentle, automated transport and antimicrobial coating of the trolleys minimize the risk of cross-contamination and ensure a high standard of hygiene.

You too can benefit by using an automated transport solution from Telelift.
The reduced waiting times and increased efficiency in sample transport ensure that your lab can always work at optimized performance.

Telelift UniCar for laboratories

The Telelift system takes over, e.g. the transport logistics for:

  • Blood and urine samples
  • Tissue samples (individual and bulk transport possible)
  • Blood and plasma samples
  • Sensitive samples that cannot be dispatched with other transport systems
  • Consumables and supplies
  • Laboratory documents

The Telelift lab solution at a glance