Telelift Healthcare

Total Solution for Healthcare

At Telelift we see the needs of our customers as the basis for all our developments. This ensures that we can always offer logistics´ solutions that are ideally suited to the processes.
To solve the circulation problems caused by the rapid development of hospital logistics, we have developed a total solution for hospitals.

The intelligent logistics system is the optimization and integration of four systems:

  1. Telelift UniCar - ETV-System (Electrical Track Vehicle),
  2. Telelift UniDrop - AWLS (Auto Waste / Linen Collection System),
  3. Telelift UniVan - AGV-System (Auto Guided Vehicle)
  4. UniTube - PTS (Pneumatic Tube system).
Telelift UniCarfor hospitals

1. Telelift UniCar

The Telelift UniCar system is a rail-bound transport system that automates more than 80% of medical transports in hospitals. Infusion bags/bottles, medications, specimens, blood supplies, sterile consumables, instruments, documents, and more are transported in a monitored, hygienic, fast, and reliable manner between all areas of the hospital where automation is advantageous.

Telelift UniCar trolleys have a payload of 10 - 15 kg and are provided with an antimicrobial surface coating that prevents the growth and spread of most bacteria and germs over a long period of time.

2. Telelift UniDrop

The Auto Waste/Linen Collection System UniDrop can be applied for automatic and rapid closed transmission of large-sized dirty clothes/bedlinen, household and kitchen waste, which has the advantage of improving the hospital's sensory control level, enhancing the efficiency of waste recycling and improving the medical environment.

Telelift UniDrop für Krankenhäuser
Telelift UniVan

3. Telelift UniVan

The Mobile Robot (or Auto Guided Vehicle - AGV) UniVan is suitable for bulk material transportation, like daily meals, cleaning clothes/bedlinen, large-sized surgical instrument packages and automatic batch transportation of unopened packages between the first- and second-floor stores. It fulfills high quality standards and has high single weight capacity (above 380 kg), real-time laser detection, auto-navigation and driving, auto-call response and self-access to entrance/ elevator, self-execution of the delivery task.

4. Telelift UniTube

The Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) UniTube is suitable for emergency/temporary small batch delivery of  items between departments, such as temporary medicine, surgical pathology samples, etc.. It is characterized by its high transmission speed and flexible installation. It works as a supplement to the Telelift UniCar

Telelift UniTube für Krankenhäuser

More than 95% of the materials in the hospital can be transferred by way of Telelift´s integrated solution for hospitals.
Experience has shown that a single-form of logistics system can no longer meet the transport needs of large / super-large-scale hospitals.
Only a solution, like an integrated logistics system, can efficiently solve these problems and achieve real-terms inner-hospital automotive transfer rates required. This overall logistics solution has become a trend of modern hospital logistics today.

Automatic transport with UniCar in hospitals