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Increasing quality requirements and further developments in medical technology have led to more and more materials and waste having to be transported. Limited transport capacities and a lack of space result in an increased risk of infection.

To meet these challenges, Telelift is constantly driving forward the automation and intelligent development of hospital logistics technology. A complete solution has been developed that includes a rail-bound transport system (ETV), automated waste and linen vacuum transfer systems (AWLS), autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) and a pneumatic tube system (PTS).


The Telelift total logistics solution for hospitals can handle the automated transportation of more than
95% of the materials in a hospital.

Possible transport goods





Electric Track Vehicle (ETV) - Telelift UniCar

Telelift UniCar for hospitals

The Telelift UniCar is a conventional ETV system consisting of a combination of standard components. These components have been carefully planned and designed to create a well-thought-out overall concept that meets the specific requirements on site and overcomes structural challenges.

The self-propelled transport trolleys are available in two different versions, depending on the load capacity and the desired speed. Depending on the weight and operating environment, different attachments can be selected for the trolleys. This makes it possible to transport different goods such as medication, samples, infusions and sterile materials as well as documents and media in the appropriate trolley.



Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) - Telelift UniVan mini

The Telelift UniVan mini logistics system is an advanced and adaptable regional automated logistics system. It can easily adapt to complex environmental changes.

Through its autonomous navigation, it enables efficient, versatile and intelligent automated transportation. It effectively solves the problem of traditional human transportation of the last 50 meters and successfully closes the gaps in the automation of logistics processes in the field of hospital logistics management.

Telelift UniVan mini for hospitals



Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) - Telelift UniVan

Telelift UniVan for hospitals

The Telelift UniVan is an autonomous transportation system based on automated guided vehicles (AGV). It enables the automation of navigation, communication and the loading and unloading of consumer goods. This automated logistics solution combines intelligent digital technologies with wireless communication and computerized operation and control.

UniVan facilitates complex, labor-intensive logistical tasks in hospitals through autonomous driving. With its impressive carrying capacity, it can effortlessly transport consumables along pre-programmed routes and perform specific tasks. This efficiently overcomes logistical challenges in the hospital sector.



Automatic Waste and Laundry System (AWLS) - Telelift UniDrop

The Telelift UniDrop system enables waste and laundry to be collected centrally throughout the hospital using an automatic vacuum system. Transportation takes place via closed pipelines.

This method improves the hospital's infection control level, as waste and laundry collection is centralized and virtually contamination-free. This helps to make the hospital's logistical work and management more efficient and optimizes the medical environment.

Telelift UniDrop for hospitals



Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) - Telelift UniTube

Telelift UniTube for hospitals

With the UniTube system, Telelift has developed an intelligent pneumatic tube system (PTS) that enables the computer-controlled and pressurized transport of load carriers. The loads are transported safely in sealed tubes.

The overall system is made up of various components, including the actual tubes, operating stations, blowers, carriers and a control center. It creates an efficient point-to-point connection between all departments of a hospital, ensuring fast transportation of small parts. As a result, transportation tasks can be completed quickly.

More than 95% of the materials in the hospital can be transferred by way of Telelift´s integrated solution for hospitals.
Experience has shown that a single-form of logistics system can no longer meet the transport needs of large / super-large-scale hospitals.
Only a solution, like an integrated logistics system, can efficiently solve these problems and achieve real-terms inner-hospital automotive transfer rates required. This overall logistics solution has become a trend of modern hospital logistics today.

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