Telelift Solutions for industry

Telelift logistics solutions for industry

Telelift’s overhead, track-based conveying systems are the ultimate aid for modern production sites and modular production structures. You have a choice of the Telelift UniCar, which can carry up to 15kg, and the Telelift MultiCar, which can carry up to 40kg.
The goods being transported are conveyed overhead to production machinery or machine operators, using one system. The solution is also tailored to individual customer requirements.

You have different transport tasks - we are all-rounders

The automated, track-based conveying system Telelift MultiCar gets your intralogistics moving. Customer-specific solutions and cost-effectiveness are always paramount.

Telelift MultiCar

Thanks to the use of customer-specific load-carrying attachments, the MultiCar enables customised, flexible solutions for virtually all types of transportable goods, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 40kg.
You can therefore transport components, complex assemblies, containers full of small parts and many other things to exactly where they’re needed. The load-carrying attachments are tailored individually to customer requirements.  

Thanks to its modular system design, the MultiCar enables overhead conveying of goods, transporting them in even the tightest spaces, and in all directions, horizontally or vertically.
The MultiCar system’s flexibility enables it to be adapted to new or existing processes, easily and without complications.
Its high degree of reliability and responsiveness minimises replenishment times and stock levels in day-to-day production.

MultiCar in Automotive
Transport just in sequence mit Telelift MultiCar

‘Just in sequence’ deliveries – No problem for Telelift

Continuing production specialisation presents new challenges for internal transport logistics. Components must be supplied to the production line ‘just in sequence’. Telelift’s MultiCar provides a dependable solution.
Thanks to its modular, flexible construction, our modern transport system can be adapted to the widest range of transport tasks and requirements. It can even also be used as an intermediate buffer.
The Telelift MultiCar also gains you space, as previous storage spaces can once again be used as production space. The transport system can also be suspended from the ceiling, which creates additional space. This therefore frees up your usual transport routes.

Telelift MultiCar at a glance

  • Horizontal and vertical transport, without interruption
  • Horizontal and vertical buffer, for compensating for production fluctuations
  • Horizontal and vertical storage, in order to save space
  • Horizontal and vertical loading and unloading stations
  • Bidirectional transport, with controlled transport speed
  • Passive and active load-carrying devices
  • Passive and active loading and unloading stations
  • Network-enabled modular control system
  • Interface capabilities to other logistics, ERP and MES systems
  • Only uses power when transporting goods
  • Low standby costs
  • Brushless drive technology
  • High quality materials and surfaces, for a long service life
  • Low levels of wear, and therefore low spare parts requirements
  • System modules can be reused after a production changeover

Telelift MultiCar for industry applications