Telelift Solutions for industry

Telelift logistics solutions for industry

Telelift’s overhead, track-based conveying systems are the ultimate aid for modern production sites and modular production structures.
The goods being transported are conveyed overhead to production machinery or machine operators, using one system. The solution is also tailored to individual customer requirements.

An “all-rounder” for your transportation tasks

The automated rail-bound conveying system Telelift MultiCar gets your intra logistics going. Customized solutions and efficiency are always paramount.

Telelift MultiCar

Different sequencing – no problem for Telelift

Progressive product specializations permanently create new tasks for in-house transport logistics. Components have to be tracked to production lines “just in sequence” in different sequences. This requirement is reliably solved by Telelift MultiCar.
Our modern transport system can easily be adapted to various transportation tasks and requirements by its modular and flexible structure, thus also on the trackway the sequences can be adapted to the current requirements. Additionally it can be used as intermediate buffer.

The three-dimensional routing of the Telelift MultiCar relieves the usual transport routes. Delays caused by stationary AGVs or forklift jams are a thing of the past and in-time delivery of production parts is always ensured. This means that there are no delays in production.
At the same time, storage areas can be used as production areas again.

MultiCar in Automotive
Transport just in sequence mit Telelift MultiCar

Flexbile solutions by customized load handling devices

By using customized load handling devices the Telelift MultiCar enables individual and flexible solutions for almost any goods. The payload depends on the design of the load handling device and the selected connection to the system.
So components, complex assemblies, containers with small parts and many other goods can be delivered to the right location. The load handling devices will be adapted to the customer requirements individually.

By means of a modularized system the Telelift MultiCar allows overhead conveying and transports space-savingly within a very confined area and in all directions, whether horizontal or vertical. This enables faster access times and fixed cycle times without disruptions.

The flexibility of the MultiCar system allows simple and uncomplicated adaptation to new and existing processes at any time. Individual peripherals such as locks, fire protection gates, cargo ID elements or other customer-specific requirements can be easily integrated. High reliability and responsiveness minimize replenishment times and stocks in everyday production.

Telelift MultiCar at a glance

  • Horizontal and vertical transport, without interruption
  • Horizontal and vertical buffer, for compensating for production fluctuations
  • Horizontal and vertical storage, in order to save space
  • Horizontal and vertical loading and unloading stations
  • Bidirectional transport, with controlled transport speed
  • Passive and active load-carrying devices
  • Passive and active loading and unloading stations
  • Network-enabled modular control system
  • Interface capabilities to other logistics, ERP and MES systems
  • Only uses power when transporting goods
  • Low standby costs
  • Brushless drive technology
  • High quality materials and surfaces, for a long service life
  • Low levels of wear, and therefore low spare parts requirements
  • System modules can be reused after a production changeover


Telelift MultiCar for industry applications