Telelift solutions for libraries

Telelift Solutions for libraries

Today, libraries function as multimedia providers and modern educational and cultural centres that are accessed by children, young people and adults, irrespective of education or nationality. They enable free access to information and promote research, study and lifelong learning. Libraries impart the media skills necessary in our digitalised and networked society.
As a so-called ‘third place’, libraries serve to enable communication and human encounters. They therefore promote cultural identity and social integration.

Against this background, innovative library technology represents a key component.
It enables libraries to concentrate on their valuable role promoting cultural essence and education, and to serve growing demands in the context of digital transformation. Thanks to our future-orientated logistics´solutions, employees are relieved of burdens, meaning additional personnel resources are won.

Optimal design of the return and sorting processes

Telelift’s integrated libraries solution enables return and sorting processes in large public or academic libraries to be optimised over multiple storeys. Automated return and sorting systems, along with automated transport, are important components of a modern library’s self-service concept, enabling 24/7 library operation.

Telelift  Book return

The process from return to placing back on the shelf

A book return machine accepts the media quickly and easily. On the touch screen the booking of the returned item into the library system is confirmed immediately and updates the user’s account automatically.

In no time at all, it arrives on the sorting belt, to begin its journey. Then, according to defined sorting criteria, the item is conveyed to a UniSortCar™ or sorted directly into a library trolley for reserved items.
All items are therefore transported efficiently and sorted in accordance with the LMS-based sorting strategy. The number of sorting destinations can be freely chosen, and increased at any time.

Telelift book sorting
Telelift book transport

Telelift’s automated transport system transports the individual media item to its final destination in the public area or book storage – even in different floors or even different buildings – gently, quietly and without the need for additional reloading.

The capacity and performance of Telelift’s integrated library solution is precisely tailored to the library’s requirements. Due to spatial uncoupling of the book return and the sorting area, space in the entrance zone is greatly increased.

Media transport over floors and buildings - effortless and efficient

The perfect solution for your archive and highly sensitive media

Telelift also has an efficient solution for handling your archive media.

Should multiple items be taken from or returned to the archive simultaneously, the proven UniSafeCar™ enables rapid, safe and efficient transport. Spontaneous orders in the reading room or at the lending counter are supplied in just a few minutes. Internal inventory tasks can also be accelerated in this way. Employees can order a large number of titles that they need to process or digitalise, directly from where they are working.

The UniSafeCar™ ensures optimal transport, and is ideal for valuable ancient manuscripts, prints, maps, incunabula, microforms and of course any other type of item held in stock nowadays.

Telelift UniSafeCar

The following applies to the entire solution: Our own comprehensive service and support team guarantees your system’s operational readiness and long service life over the course of decades.