Telelift Repairs and spare part management

Repairs and spare part management

Our service team boasts extensive experience of servicing and supplying spare parts for conveying systems. We offer our customers an on-site spot inspection, in order to record details of the actual status of your system. On the basis of our findings we then prepare detailed suggestions for optimising the system with regard to cost-efficiency, and advise our customers on maintenance, servicing and spare parts provision.  If required, we can also visit you on site within just a short time.

Stoerungsbeseitigung und Reparaturen

Fault clearance and repairs

  • Quickest possible reaction times
  • Expert analysis
  • Reliable repairs
  • Preventative measures

Spare parts management

  • Customised spare parts package for new systems
  • Latest technologies
  • Complete spare parts service
  • Short-notice delivery worldwide
  • Component repair
  • Advice and documentation
  • For systems that we supply, we keep all spare parts available for the long term