Telelift Retrofit

Why retrofitting?

Thanks to Telelift’s high quality standards, our systems work extremely reliably – even after many years. Nevertheless, at regular intervals, system components should be brought up to current technological standards, for example in order to ensure the availability of spare parts and to avoid increasing maintenance costs or downtime.
At the same time, the system’s efficiency can be sustainably increased.
With a retrofit, components that are no longer readily available are replaced, with new, more technologically advanced components being fitted in their place. This means that existing systems are brought right up to date.
The benefits for the system operator are a modernised system, with the resulting increase in productivity. The considerably lower costs compared to new acquisition of a comparable system make a retrofit extremely attractive.
To a great extent, the existing hardware remains in use. The basic elements therefore remain in place, and in the case of large systems, high investment costs for creating the foundations are eliminated. In the case of a retrofit, prior agreements relating to the system mostly remain in place. Retrofits can be carried out in stages, or all in one go.

goals of a retrofit

The goals of retrofitting

  • Longer life cycle
  • Increase in productivity
  • Greater system efficiency
  • Compliance with current legal requirements
  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts
  • Spare parts based on the very latest technological standards
  • Integration of existing systems into a modern IT environment
  • More efficient transport processes
  • Reduction in operating costs

Your benefits of a retrofit

  • Latest technologies
  • Quicker container availability
  • Greater system uptime
  • Shorter arrival times, thanks to decentralised storage
  • Trolley`s position can be accurately pinpointed at all times
  • Monitoring of entire system
  • Shorter reaction times
  • All types of goods can be transported more quickly
  • Shorter servicing times
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Cost savings when obtaining spare parts
  • Assured supply of spare parts
  • Increased user-friendliness
Retrofit benefits