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Telelift Service – Quality that’s tangible

Telelift GmbH has been developing and marketing intralogistic solutions for applications in administration, healthcare, libraries and industrial processes since 1964. Many of our customers have been using our systems successfully for decades. The basis for this is not only proven technology and high-quality workmanship, but also regular maintenance by trained service technicians.

In an interview, Rainer Kerner, Head of Telelift Customer Service, talks about the service strategy at Telelift.


Mr. Kerner, you are leading the Customer Service Team at Telelift since 2015. What services does Telelift offer its customers?

Many of our customers use their Telelift system for many years or even decades to optimize the processes in their companies. That makes us very proud and we want to give a significant contribution to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their system in the long run.
With the Telelift service, we guarantee that both existing and new systems work perfectly and that high system availability is guaranteed.
That is why Telelift offers several maintenance models. In doing so, we always choose the model that best suits the customer requirements.

With a full maintenance contract, our customer service takes over all maintenance work on the delivered and installed system and ensures its high availability. Necessary wear parts are included in this model.

In the case of a partial maintenance contract, Telelift also takes over all maintenance work on the delivered and installed system. Necessary spare and wear parts are invoiced separately to the customer according to actual usage.

With on-demand maintenance, the systems are serviced by our customers' maintenance staff. Telelift provides technical support (hotline) or staff training if required. If the customer requests, we can also carry out maintenance on their existing system.

Regardless which concept our customers ultimately choose, we provide the necessary spare parts long-term.

Does Customer Service also work internationally?

In Germany we have access to a comprehensive service network that is covered by our employees. But even
internationally, our customers do not have to forego comprehensive and high-quality service for their Telelift systems.

For example in China, our colleagues at Telelift Logistic Technology Co., Ltd. provide a professional service.
The advantages for our customers: Fast on-site service, shorter delivery times for spare parts as well as checks and maintenance of customer systems at attractive conditions.

Furthermore, we have excellent service partners in many countries around the world who are trained to look after the Telelift systems in their respective region and are open to our customers for support and advice.

Internationaler Telelift Service

How do you ensure that the service is always performed optimally?

It is very important to us that our service staff is always up to date with the latest technology. To this end, we offer training courses several times a year, both for our own staff as well as for our international service partners. If necessary, we also train our customers' service staff.

The offer ranges from basic training to expert training, after which the participant is able to commission and maintain Telelift systems himself. For our customers in particular, we offer individual training courses that are tailored to the customer's facility.

Rainer Kerner

Rainer Kerner - Head of Customer Service, Telelift GmbH

How would you define good customer service?

Good customer service is not just a Telelift service promise on paper. Rather, it is an active and permanent process that involves all Telelift employees with close customer contact.

Telelift Customer Service can cover all of this. We can be reached on an emergency number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In emergencies, we can be on site with the customer promptly and carry out the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition, our employees are always on hand to provide our customers with advice and action and discuss the work carried out in advance in order to create the greatest possible transparency.

Why are you proud to be part of the Customer Service team at Telelift?

I am proud because my team solves new challenges every day and thus helps our customers to make their lives easier. In addition, we all grow professionally and personally through new experiences and everyone can pass on his knowledge to others. All of this happens in a pleasant and friendly working atmosphere.
For me, all of this represents the best I could wish for a job. For this reason, I am personally proud to be part of this team.