Telelift UniCar

Telelift UniCar – Modern technology for perfect transport

The Telelift UniCar is a classic ETV system.
It comprises a set of standard components (straight profile rails, bends and curve elements, various types of points, station terminals and much more), which are planned and designed to create a logical complete concept that meets the customer’s respective needs and on-site constructional challenges. Depending on load capacity and transport speed, the self-driving conveying trolleys (vehicles) all comprise one of two possible standard chassis types, and depending on load capacity and usage environment, one of numerous trolley attachments in which the respective items will be transported.
The decentralised, PLC-based Telelift TeleControl control system controls the transport jobs, as well as taking care of system monitoring and visualisation. The control systems communicate via a TCP/IP network, with characteristic communication occurring via a communication rail installed in the rail profile.



Possible transport goods




UniCar closed

Trolley models H10 and W15 have been specially developed for transport duties within hospitals.
They are the perfect solution for quick, reliable transport between operating theatres, pharmacies, laboratories, storage areas and wards in hospitals. An antimicrobial surface coating prevents the growth and spread of most bacteria and germs over a long period of time. 


UniCar open, self-aligning

The open UniCar trolleys are loaded and unloaded manually and are designed to handle sensitive goods in hospitals and libraries, as well as to transport production parts or tool / gauge supplies in industrial manufacturing environments.


UniCar with automatic sorting function

The UniSortCar has been specially developed for use in libraries. It provides ongoing simplification of book sorting, as books can be pre-sorted and transported to all storeys and all sections of the library. The UniSortCar also makes pre-sorting for different library sites easily possible.


Telelift intelligent electrical track vehicle system - Telelift UniCar