UniDrop AWLS

UniDrop – Automatic waste and laundry transfer system for hospitals (PWCS/AWLS)

A hospital produces a huge amount of waste and laundry every day that must be collected and transferred out of wards. At wards the lingering waste and laundry bags are first and foremost a healthy risk for patients and healthcare workers, but they also occupy rooms, corridors and lifts, look bad, and can smell.

Today, in many hospitals the waste and laundry are still collected manually by logistics personnel travelling across the hospital, all the way from the hospital’s waste terminal. This entails risk of spreading bacteria and other pathogens between wards and around the hospital. Moreover, hiring several people just for transferring and lifting heavy waste and laundry bags is expensive.

Telelift’s UniDrop, the automatic waste and laundry transfer system for hospitals and care facilities, eliminates all above mentioned negative effects of manual collection of waste and laundry. With UniDrop the wards’ own personnel will drop waste and laundry bags through inlet doors, locating at the wards, into the system and thereafter the bags are vacuumed hygienically, invisibly, and quietly through a pipeline into a specific waste or laundry container locating at the hospital’s waste or laundry terminal.

UniDrop Drop & Go

Your benefit:

  • Improved hygiene at wards,
  • Improved people and material flow that is vital for care work,
  • Time and money savings