AutoStore for libraries

Fully automated storage solution for libraries

Libraries are increasingly recognized as a place of communication and encounter. These changes now and in the future will change the way libraries use space. Space for reading and studying, as well as for meetings and events, is increasingly competing with the space required for storing books and other media and open access areas.

At the same time, librarians are confronted with a continuously growing media inventory. Many libraries therefore urgently need solutions in order to use the existing and future space requirements with optimal logistics in a customer-oriented manner.

As a leading solution provider for library logistics, Telelift offers the high-performance and extremely space-saving storage system AutoStore. With this system all kinds of media can be gently and automatically stored and retrieved.

The storage system enables to expand the storage capacity of your library up to four times - without requiring additional space.

Thanks to user-friendly workstations, both reservations and spontaneous orders can be carried out within a few minutes with low personnel deployment.

The AutoStore system fulfills almost every requirement with a storage capacity of 100,000 to several million media. Thanks to the modular structure, storage capacity and performance can be flexibly adjusted at any time.

A storage system that has proven itself many times in industry is now conquering the library world!

Operating principle

AutoStore for libraries

The media is placed in bins. In the AutoStore warehouse, the bins are stacked high and tight in a three-dimensional aluminum cubic grid system.

The warehouse can be adapted to any geometric shape of a room. Even existing pillars and obstacles in the storage rooms can be easily integrated with the highly innovative storage solution. The tailor-made design enables high-density storage.

High-speed robots move on the top of the grid to shuffle bins and deliver orders to the respective workstations, where they can be removed by library staff.

All AutoStore storage systems can be connected easily to the integrated return-, sorting and transport solution from Telelift.

Fully automated AutoStore robot

Your benefits

  • Increase in storage capacity up to four times - without requiring additional space
  • More time for library visitors. The AutoStore system can be operated by one person
  • Delivery and storage of media within a few minutes
  • Flexible solution for storing around 100,000 to several million media
  • Adjustment of storage performance and storage capacity possible at any time
  • The temperature in the storeroom can be adapted to the needs of the media
  • No loss of media, no additional inventory, no inventory reconciliation
  • Easy integration in new and existing buildings
  • Space-saving and cost-effective solutions for external storerooms (outsourcing)

Fully automated storage solution for libraries